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Microsoft are discontinuing this website service soon!

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This is my personal “Electronics” website which is being developed (8+ years now) purely as a more convenient way of storing and searching for all my electronics information.
This is better than having a collection of folders, files, documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc, saved on my PC, Laptop, Server, iPad and Backup Drives.


For me electronics is a challenging and fascinating hobby.  To others, no doubt it is possibly nerdy, but hey that's their problem.  Electronics is my main interest although electrical and mechanical engineering also feature.  Finding out how things work by taking them apart and fixing them, is what engineering is mostly about for me now.

I really hate bad design!  If anyone else finds my website interesting that's a bonus.
If you have any comments, please contact me by webmail.  Thanks to everyone that has been in touch, the world-wide 'electronics' community are a friendly group of enthusiasts and often go to a lot of trouble to help out each other.



Why AZUR Electronics?
Because I lived on the Cote D'Azur in the south of France, my favourite colour is blue and A to Z covers the whole range of this 'electronics' subject.

Is AZUR Electronics a Company?

No and I don't want it to be, no red-tape or stress for me anymore!  This is very much a part-time retirement hobby, definitely not a new business venture.