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I bought this unit for spares or repair on eBay for £17.  The original cost was $9,125 in 1980.  This version were made for British Telecom to test 68 & 140Mbit/s transmission systems.  The BT reference is "Tester No 274A/HPU/1" and is HP option H43.  Together with the HP 3762A Data Generator, this forms a dedicated error rate measurement system for evaluating high speed digital transmission systems.  So far I have not been able to download a Service Manual from HP or BT, but still looking!




Front view

Rear view with additional connections
Top view with cover removed
Bottom view with cover removed
October 2010


This arrived in a very clean and complete state.  Completely stripped down to assembly level and visually checked then cleaned.  Apart from internal ribbon and coaxial cabling it is easy to dismantle.  As usual, all the stickers and labels take a while to completely remove.





Front panel hinged down




All reassembled and powers-up ok.  Testing is held up by needing the Operating & Service Manuals for the 3762A - 3763A combination.  These should make a useful data generator and analyser system, plus by using an external transmitter clock it can be used over a very wide frequency range.

January 2011
Download Operating Manual for 3762A and 3763A.
August 2015
Fails Operator's Checks so more work required.
Please contact me if you have a copy of the Service Manual.





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