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The 5005A is a multi-purpose instrument providing 4 character hexadecimal signature analysis as well as various dc voltage, resistance and frequency/time measurements.
The original cost of the 5005A was $2,900 [HP Catalogue 1987].  The 5005B version adds HP-IB programming facility.
Front view showing data probe and timing pod with grabbers
Rear view showing modified mains power input
This unit is ex-BBC and they used the ITT Cannon XLR-LNE mains connector instead of the CEE22 as standard.  Below the mains connector is a 6 pin connector for dc power +5V, GND, +5V, GND, +5V, GND to power logic probes.
Front views showing detachable front cover with cable storage for portable use
Signature Display: 4 digits 0-9, Characters ACFHPU
Maximum Clock Frequency: 20MHz
Minimum Pulse Width: 15ns
Input Impedance: 100kΩ, 10pF, START, STOP, CLOCK, QUAL
Frequency Display: 5 digits
Ranges: 100kHz, 1MHz, 10MHz, 50MHz auto-ranging
Totalising Display: 5 digits
Range: 0-99,999 count
Time Interval Display: 5 digits
Ranges: 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s, 100s auto-ranging
Resistance Display: 4 or 5 digits depending on range
Range: 30kΩ, 300kΩ, 1MΩ, 3MΩ, 10MΩ auto-ranging
DC Voltage Display: 4½ digits
Ranges: ±25V, ±250V auto-ranging
Differential Voltage: as DC Voltage
Peak Voltage Display: 3½ digits
Range: 0 to ±12Vp
Logic: TTL, ECL, CMOS switchable with adjustable thresholds
January 2010
The Signature Analyser arrived in very clean condition and looked unused.  Application Notes and Technical data sheets were also supplied.  A HP Manual was downloaded.  Started performance testing and the initial verification tests are ok but the signature analysis requires the HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab or another instrument with a documented signature analysis.
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