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I bought this 'damaged' unit on eBay UK for £8.  This is a dual channel 50MHz serial data generator with a 1024 bit memory capacity per channel.  Word mode A&B, Data mode A&B, PRBS mode A only, Mixed mode A only.  Option 001 HP-IB (not fitted), Option 002 Card Reader (connector available for punched cards!).  The original cost was $3,475 in 1980.  A Operating and Service Manual was downloaded.
 Front view
Rear view
Top view with cover removed
Bottom view with cover removed
November 2007
The unit is in fairly good condition and needs a good clean-up. Some switches are damaged on the front panel. Hopefully, when I get round to repairing this unit it will provide some specific pulses that I need for another project.


Stripped down to assembly level and all cleaned-up.  Of the 45 push-button switched, 6 have their plastic hoods broken.  The Manual/Reset switch is broken.

The 'Line' power bulb is blown, replaced with a LED and resistor. 


December 2007


Replaced the Manual/Reset Switch. Tested the various data outputs and all ok.



October 2008


About to start performance testing and found that Sections 3 to 7 are missing in the Manual.  So need to find complete Operating and Service Manual.


February 2016


After a long delay, still using the 8018A but no missing Manual Sections yet.

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