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This is used with the 141T Display Section and any one of the 4 RF Sections (8553B, 8554B, 8555A & 8556A) to make a Spectrum Analyser.  It cost $3,775 in 1980 and there was an economy version available, the 8552A, for only $3,075!  I have the paper and various downloaded Manuals and Change Notes.  Apart from a good clean, this worked ok on first power-up.
Front view showing controls and connectors
BNC connections from top to bottom: CAL OUTPUT 30MHz at -30dBm for amplitude calibration of Spectrum Analyser; PEN LIFT OUTPUT for Plotters, or external Blanking Input; VERTICAL OUTPUT proportional to vertical deflection on CRT; SCAN IN/OUT for horizontal deflection.
Rear view showing P1 Connector to HP 141T
Connector P1 see HP 141T Internal Connections for details.  Also 2 fuses for power rails.
Top view showing J3 the special D-type connector
J3 connector mates directly with the plug-in RF Section.  Some care is needed to avoid damaging this connector.  For details see HP 8552B Mating Connections.
Bottom view with cover and internal RF covers removed
This provides access to the individual pcb's with the bottom covers removed.
August 2008
Unit is in good condition.  Testing of this IF Section revealed a few minor issues.  See Repair HP 8552B IF Section for details.
February 2009
Performance tests completed.
November 2014
No CAL OUTPUT signal so removed the A6 Scan Generator Assembly PCB.  The 30MHz oscillator is inside a RF metal screening can.  As this circuit only requires -10Vdc it can be connected to a Power Supply for testing.  There was no obvious fault so resoldered all the joints and it now works!  There is 1.5Vpp 30MHz at Q17c which is attenuated down to 20mVpp at the output when termnated in 50Ω.
Wrote up some notes on setup procedure to save me time when I next need to calibrate the Spectrum Analyser, see Operating HP 141T for details.