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This was bought on eBay after looking for one for several years. The 86290B is used with the 8620C Sweep Oscillator and generates a RF signal in the range 2.0GHz to 18.6GHz.  In 1987 this cost $15,300 with internal leveling included. The Operating and Service Manual was available for download, although the service sheets are missing so I am currently searching for these!
Front view 
Rear view 
Top view 
 Label Details 
Left hand side view 
Bottom view 
Right hand side view 
February 2015
The 86290B has a continuous broadband sweep from 2GHz to 18.6GHz with up to +10dBm output.  Alternatively there are 3 individual bands for improved frequency resolution of 2GHz to 6.2GHz, 6GHz to 12.4GHz and 12GHz to 18.6GHz.  
When used with the HP 8410C Network Analyser the 86290B automatically phase locks over multi-octave sweeps for continuous swept 2GHz to 18.6GHz phase and amplitude measurements.
Different display for each band
The switching between bands is via micro-switches operated by the band switch on the HP 8620C which also changes the scale selected .  This goes via some logic circuitry to 4 pins on the internal connector to the 86290B.
Initial testing with a crystal detector, then a power meter and frequency counter and all looks ok.  Performance tests to be done.