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An oscilloscope is an essential item of test equipment.  It enables you to look at the waveform of a signal with a display of amplitude vertically against time horizontally.  I currently have 2 Oscilloscopes with a bandwidth from 50MHz to 300MHz.  Ideally you need an oscilloscope with a bandwidth 5 times higher than the highest frequency you want to measure.
Tektronix 468 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
This has a 100MHz non-storage analogue bandwidth and a 10MHz digital storage bandwidth with a 10cm x 8cm screen.  With 2 vertical channels of 5mV to 10V per division and 20ns to 5s per division horizontal sweep rate, plus intensified and delayed timebase.
Also included is a DMM which is operated with cursors for time and voltage on the waveform displayed.  Other features are: X-Y mode, Z axis input, trigger display.
This is my main bench Oscilloscope.
I have 4 oscilloscope probes: 2 are ISO-TECH x1 and x10; 1 is a Greenpar x1 and x10; and 1 is unbranded x1.  These are all general purpose 100MHz probes.

February 2011
The HP 1980B Oscilloscope has been SOLD so I am looking out for another Oscilloscope as a backup to the Tektronix 468 and maybe with a higher bandwidth.

October 2011
3 used Oscilloscopes have been acquired as part of a 'Job Lot'.  The Oscilloscopes are a LeCroy 9310 300MHz, a HP 54501A 100MHz and a Hitachi V-525 50MHz.  All 3 are faulty so will take some time to repair.

December 2011  

The LeCroy Oscilloscope has been repaired.  This is a DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) and has some very advanced measurement features including FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) for spectrum analysis.  For details see
LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope.  I use this Oscilloscope on a trolley for any accurate or complicated measurements.

January 2012
The HP 54501A 100MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope intially worked correctly then developed a power supply fault.  This has been SOLD as I do not need 2 DSOs.


February 2016  
The Hitachi V-525 50MHz Oscilloscope has a digital on screen display of amplitude and time using cursors.  Now repaired, this Oscilloscope has been SOLD.

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