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This category includes a variety of Signal Generators as it is difficult to differentiate between all the different types such as fixed frequency, sweep, pulse, and data, as many products can achieve a mixture of functions.


Frequency also varies from dc, to audio, video, rf and microwave, with or without am or fm modulation, etc.



The Thandar TG101 200kHz Function Generator provides sine, square and triangle waveforms from 0.5Hz to 200kHz.  There is a sweep input and 2 outputs: TTL square wave; and main output variable from 0mV to 11V at 600Ώ with a dc offset of ±5.5V.
The Thandar TG105 5Hz - 5MHz Pulse Generator provides pulses of 200ns to 200ms period and 100ns to 100ms width.  There is a gate/trigger input and 3 outputs: sync; TTL square wave; and main output variable from 100mV to 12V at 50Ώ with +ve or -ve going pulses and single shot facility.
The Black Star Video Monitor Tester generates a variety of video test signals with VGA and RGB outputs.  For details see BlackStar "Stack"NOW SOLD.
The Black Star Orion PAL TV & Video Pattern Generator generates a variety of television test signals with composite video and RF outputs.  For details see BlackStar "Stack".
The Kikusui KSG4100 FM-AM Signal Generator operates from a frequency of 100kHz to 110MHz with an output level of -19dBµV to 99dBµV.  Various frequency and amplitude modulation levels can be set.  For details see Kikusui KSG4100 FM-AM Signal GeneratorNOW SOLD.
The Tektronix Type 184 Time-Mark Generator is intended for use as an oscilloscope calibrator but generates a useful range of signals.  For details see Tektronix Type 184 Time-Mark Generator.  NOW SOLD.

The HP 3762A Data Generator is intended for use with 140Mbit/s PCM systems but can also generate a useful range of pulses.  For details see HP 3762A Data Generator.
The HP 8016A Word Generator 9 channel data generator is capable of serialisation up to 256 bits with up to 50MHz clock.  For details see HP 8016A Word Generator.






The HP 8018A Serial Data Generator operates up to 50Mbits/s.  For details see HP 8018A Serial Data Generator.








The HP 8170A Logic Pattern Generator provides parallel 8 or 16 bit words with up to 2MHz clock.  For details see HP 8170A Logic Pattern Generator.  This has now been dismantled for spare parts, see HP 8170A Parts.







The HP 8601A Generator / Sweeper operates over the frequency range 100kHz to 110MHz.  It has a special VTO output that provides the RF output frequency plus 200MHz which is required by the 8407 Network Analyser.  For details see HP 8601A Generator / Sweeper.
The HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator is a mainframe to control a variety of plug-in RF oscillators.  This can sweep the whole available frequency range, or part of the range, or operate at a fixed frequency.  For details see HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator.




The HP 86220A RF Plug-In operates from 10MHz to 1.3GHz.


For details of other RF Plug-In's see HP 86200 Series RF Plug-In's.



The HP 8443A Tracking Generator Counter operates over the frequency range 100kHz to 110MHz.  See Spectrum Analysers for details.







The HP 8444A Tracking Generator operates over the frequency range 500kHz to 1.3GHz.  See Spectrum Analysers for details.
The Philips PM 5715 Pulse Generator provides a versatile 1Hz to 50MHz output.  See Philips PM 5715 Pulse Generator for details.  NOW SOLD.

A 50MHz reference signal is available from all 3 of my HP Power Meters.  This is a 50MHz sine wave at 1mW 0dBm 50Ω.  For details see Power Meters

The HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator provides 24 parallel data channels and 2 serial data channels at up to 50 or 100Mbit/s.  See HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator for details.
The HP 8657B Signal Generator provides a 100kHz to 2,060MHz output from +13dBm to -143.5dBm with FM, AM & Pulse Modulation.  See HP 8657B Signal Generator for details. 

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