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Microsoft are discontinuing this website service soon!

Please go to my new website


This is a list of all the pages on my website.  To avoid complicating matters, only the top 2 levels are available from the navigation bars.  Credits are provided where the information has come from others, otherwise the information and accuracy is all down to me.

About MeAccessories
AdaptorsAdvance Power Transformer
Agilent 3499A Switch / Control SystemAllen Key Sizes
AmplifiersAnritsu ME520A
ATN105 AttenuatorAttenuators
BlackStar "Stack"Cables
Comark 6130 Microprocessor ThermometerCommodore PC40-III
Completed ProjectsContact Me
Current ProjectsFarnell B30/10 Stabilised Power Supply
For SaleFrequency Counters
High Voltage MeasurementsHitachi V-525 Oscillosope
HomeHP 1120A 500MHz Active Probe
HP 11517A External MixerHP 11652-60009 Power Splitter
HP 11720A 2-18 GHz Pulse ModulatorHP 141T Display Section
HP 141T Display Section External ConnectionsHP 141T Display Section Internal Connections
HP 1630D Logic AnalyserHP 1645A Data Error Analyzer
HP 180A OscilloscopeHP 1950A 100MHz 2 Channel Plug-In
HP 1965A Gated Universal CounterHP 1980B Oscilloscope
HP 3406A Broadband Sampling VoltmeterHP 3478A Multimeter
HP 3488A Switch / Control UnitHP 3709B Constellation Analyzer
HP 3730B Down ConverterHP 3762A Data Generator
HP 3763A Error DetectorHP 3764A Data Transmission Analyzer
HP 3764A PartsHP 3780A K01 PPTS Interface Unit
HP 415 SWR MeterHP 435B Power Meter
HP 436A Power MeterHP 438A Power Meter
HP 4951C Protocol AnalyserHP 5004A Signature Analyser
HP 5005A Signature MultimeterHP 5015T Logic Troubleshooting Kit
HP 5036A Microprocessor LabHP 5316A Universal Counter
HP 5342A Microwave Frequency CounterHP 8016A Word Generator
HP 8018A Serial Data GeneratorHP 8120-2208 Source Control Cable
HP 8170A Logic Pattern GeneratorHP 8170A Parts
HP 8175A Digital Signal GeneratorHP 8405A Vector Voltmeter
HP 8407A Network AnalyserHP 8410C Network Analyser
HP 8411A Harmonic Frequency ConverterHP 8412B Phase Magnitude Display
HP 8413A Phase Gain IndicatorHP 8414A Polar Display
HP 8418A Auxiliary Display HolderHP 8443A Parts
HP 8443A Tracking Generator CounterHP 8444A Tracking Generator
HP 8445B Automatic PreselectorHP 8447D Amplifier
HP 8552B Mating ConnectionsHP 8552B Spectrum Analyzer IF Section
HP 8553B PartsHP 8553B Spectrum Analyzer RF Section
HP 8554B Spectrum Analyzer RF SectionHP 8555A Spectrum Analyzer RF Section
HP 8556A Spectrum Analyzer LF SectionHP 8601A Generator Sweeper
HP 86200 Series RF Plug-In'sHP 8620A Parts
HP 8620A Sweep OscillatorHP 8620C Internal Connections
HP 8620C Sweep OscillatorHP 8621A Parts
HP 8621A RF SectionHP 86220A RF Plug-In
HP 86222A RF Plug-InHP 86260A RF Plug-In
HP 86260B RF Plug-InHP 86290B RF Plug-In
HP 8657B Signal GeneratorHP 8657D Signal Generator
HP 8721A Directional BridgeHP 8750A Storage Normalizer
HP 8901B Modulation AnalyzerHP 8922A GSM RF Test Set
HP InformationHP-IB Interface Bus
Kikusui 4100 FM-AM Signal GeneratorLeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope
LinksLogic Analysers
Logic Analysis Progress and ProblemsMeasurement Units
Megger "Stack"Motorola ECL
Multi-MetersNetwork Analyser Interconnections
Network AnalysersNetwork Analysis Progress and Problems
New Bench In StudyNew House Bench
OlsonOperating HP 141T
Operating HP 1630DOperating HP 1630D State Measurements
Operating HP 1630D Timing MeasurementsOperating HP 8407A
Operating HP 8410COperating HP 8901B
Operating InformationOperating LeCroy 9310
Original Bench In GarageOscilloscopes
Other ProjectsPhilips PM 5715 Pulse Generator
Power DistributionPower Meters
Power SuppliesProjects
Prototyping EquipmentRepair Commodore PC40-III
Repair HP 141T Display SectionRepair HP 1630D Logic Analyzer
Repair HP 1980B OscilloscopeRepair HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter
Repair HP 8016A Word GeneratorRepair HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator
Repair HP 8405A Vector VoltmeterRepair HP 8412B Phase Magnitude Display
Repair HP 8414A Polar DisplayRepair HP 8552B IF Section
Repair HP 8553B RF SectionRepair HP 8555A RF Section
Repair HP 8601A Generator SweeperRepair HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator
Repair HP 86260A RF Plug-InRepair HP 86260B RF Plug-In
Repair HP 8657B Signal GeneratorRepair HP 8657D Signal Generator
Repair HP 8901B Modulation AnalyzerRepair LeCroy 9310
Repair Philips PM 5715 Pulse GeneratorRF Connectors
RF Power And Voltage Conversion ChartSDU106 Signal Distribution Unit
Signal GeneratorsSpectrum Analysers
Spectrum Analysis Progress and ProblemsTechnical
Tektronix 468 Digital Storage OscilloscopeTektronix Type 184
Temporary Bench In BedroomTest Equipment
Thandar "Stack"Tools
Voltech PM1000 AC Power AnalyserWanted



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